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Orange Seasonal Fruits
Mandarin orange (Citrus reliculata Blanco) ranks first among the citrus fruits and is cultivated in India even at altitudes of 1500 m. It is mainly produced in Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam,, Meghalaya, Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh and other North Eastern States. Trial cultivation of Mandarin has been reported from Bihar and Himachal Pradesh. The total production is reckoned at about 760 thousand tonnes per year.

Loose jacketed orange such as Nagpur Santra, Coorg orange, Kamala orange of Manipur, Khasi orange of Assam, Sikkim orange of Darjeeling and Kinnow of Punjab belong to the category of Mandarins in India.


Some of the finest Mandarins are grown in Nagpur, Amroati and Wardha districts of Maharahatra, and in the Coorg district of Karnataka. Kinnow orange is becoming popular in recent years in Punjab.

Mandarin is grown in the tropical / sub-tropical regions 35° N to 35° S of equator. Together with allied citruses like Tangerine, Clementine and Satsuma, the world production of Mandarin in 1986 was about 4.1 million tonnes, it is mainly produced in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Israel, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, S. Africa, China, Japan and Australia.

Mandarin is widely consumed as fresh fruit in India. It is also used for producing canned segments, juice, juice concentrate, squash, beverages, jams and marmalades. The peel of Mandarin is the source of essential oil and pectin. It can also serve as a basic material for the production of cattle feed, candies and alcohol.

States Actual Locations Varieties
Maharashtra Nagpur, Amraoti and Wardha districts Nagpur Santra is finest of Mandarins
Karnataka Coorg, Hassan and Chickmangalur districts Coorg Mandarin (English) and kodagu kittale(kannada) very popular in S. India.
Tamil Nadu Nilgiri, Palni, Shevroy and Yerkaud falls. -
Kerala Wynaad tract -
Bihar Cultivation started Nagpur orange
Orissa Hilly areas of Koraput, Ganjam, Phulbani and Dhenkanal and Sambalpur Mandarin
West Bengal Three hill-sub divisions of Darjeeling district Khasi orange, Mandarin orange or Darjeeling orange
Assam Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts: Nagajanka in jorhat district, Majbat in Darrang district, Jatinga valley in north Cachar hill district; and in Kamrup district Khasi orange, Assam orange
Punjab Kinnow orange successfully grown throughout the state. Kinnow orange (hybrid Mandarin), becoming very popular.
Haryana Sirsa, Hissar, Jind. Ambala and Kurukshetra Mandarin orange; Fruit drop is a serious problem.