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Pineapple Seasonal Fruits
Pineapple ( Ananas comosus (L.) merr.) predominantly grown in Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar and north-eastern regions where radiation energy is abundant. For long time, wider spacing was adopted leading to lower productivity and higher cost of production ( Singh and Singh, 1974; Chanda et al., 1975; Dass et al., 1978) as total dry matter production in pineapple is proportional to the amount of radiation intercepted. Planning system and optimization of plant density is aimed to achieve high assimilated production for its conversion into economic yield. The plant density designed to optimize light interception plays a key role in achieving high productivity.
The popular varieties of pineapple as grown and recommended by the state Horticulture Department and Indian Institute of Horticulture are as follows.
States Varieties
Kerala Kew, Maurutius
Karnataka Kew, Queen
Tamil Nadu Kew, Queen, Maurutius
Andhra pradesh Kew, Queen