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Technology and innovation for new solutions
Goglio was established in the year 1850 in Milan, Goglio is today, with a turnover of 246 millions of Euro and over 1200 employees, leader in the fields of flexible packaging, rigid plastic accessories (such as valves and spouts), and automatic packaging machines for liquids, granules, powders and chunks.
The headquarters are located in Daverio (VA, Italy). Various production and sales units are based in Italy, Europe, United States and Japan.

Born out of the integration between the flexible, high-barrier container and the packaging machine, Fres-co System is the heart of Goglio’s offering.
It represents the integrated solution to the problem of packaging, by means of which the features of the machine and those of the package are synergistically valorised, thus advantaging product presentation and preservation.

Concerning the production of packages, the range studied and developed by Goglio for the various market sectors is extremely wide: coffee, tuna fish, tomato sauce, pre-made meals for the catering industry, foodstuffs to be packed in aseptic bags up to 1200 litres, rice, ham and sterilizable foodstuffs, frozen foodstuffs, biscuits and bakery products, chemical products and detergents, petfood.

Aseptic foodstuffs, safeguarded by high-barrier flexible packages
Goglio produces a complete line of flexible laminates for packaging fluid and doughy foodstuffs, such as tomato, traditional and tropical fruit, citrus fruit, milk or wine. Our Daverio Packaging Division, ISO 9001 certified, is equipped with a very recent department which is kept under strict HACCP control. It manufactures high-barrier packages with metallized film or aluminium foil, fitted with an inner liner consisting of coextruded, transparent material. Suitable for any transformed product of the foodstuffs industry, the aseptic packs allow to maintain the half-processed food for 18 months at environmental temperature. A wide range of formats, from 3 up to 1200 litres, in addition to a wide range of caps and spouts, are suitable to satisfy any aseptic packaging requirement.
Coffee: our main market activity, where excellence is a “must”
With coffee Goglio has always shared a particular feeling: it is demonstrated by the wide resources dedicated to the roasting process and to the research of new solutions for its best preservation. Thanks to “Fres-co System”, the integrated solution of materials, packaging machines, valves and customer service, Goglio’s offering includes a very wide range of products: shaped stand-up pouches, Corner-Seal packages with 4 longitudinal seals, Conor and Double Wall packages, dull-bright print, application of special valves, easy open systems and reclosure devices. Service the customer through the package, to emphasize the product appeal on the sale shelf: this is Goglio’s contribution to the success of coffee roasters.
Agro-chemical and industrial products: packaged in high-barrier laminates of excellent mechanical resistance
Goglio manufactures bags for industrial products, having particular resistance to dampness and mechanical stress, with capacities reaching up to 1000 kg. The coupling of different films having complementary characteristics allows to emphasize the quality of each component. In this way we obtain laminates that optimize product preservation even when bags are handled and transported. Package weight and size is also optimized depending on its content.
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