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Pioneer of industrial Self Control
The schutzgemeinschaft is a modern and powerful industrial association. As nonprofit organization (registered society), the SGF represents today about 430 members from almost 50 countries. The members are bottling plants, fruit processors, manufacturers and traders of semi-finished goods.
As pioneer and motor of industrial self control, the SGF is the second globally acting international interest association of our industry next to the international Fruit Juice Union. The SGF activities are aimed at the local and European market for fruit juice and fruit juice containing beverages as well as at the worldwide market for raw materials for such products. For its control and service activities, the SGF has an annual budget of about 1.5 mio Euro which mainly comes from member contributions.

The task of SGF has remained unchanged since its foundation. The SGF on behalf of its member company is still fighting for

Securing the legal and industrial quality and safety standards for fruit containing beverages and for a sure and fair fruit market.


The SGF consistently works on the implementation of these objectives, in particular through

Promoting a fair and free market.

Explicit supporting the production of high quality products and compliance with the legal diligence,
Control of all raw materials and finished products in the market,
Frequent audits at member companies participating in the Voluntary Control System in Germany and aboard,
Corrective actions in case of unfair competition and
Support in repulsing unjustified attacks on individual companies or the whole industry.
The Suhutzgemeinschaft sees itself as partner to the industry and has established a comprehensive, well accepted service for its members and partner such as:
Support in quality assurance matters for purchased raw materials,
Support in selecting quality-oriented raw material suppliers by publishing a list of controlled SGF/IRMA suppliers,
Analysis feedback on analyzed samples,
“Quality Matter Hotline” for member companies,
Newsletters and “Early Warning” service providing important information and new findings regarding “quality and Safety of fruit Juices”
“Silent” but effective elimination of stated quality deviation at the production at site or of market products at site or of market products and
Certification of member companies participating in the voluntary control system.
Raw Material Assurance – Domain of SGF Control Activities
For many years now, the SGF is very active especially in the field of raw material assurance. The international Raw Material Assurance first developed to control the suppliers of German bottlers has been expanded systematically, internationalized and offered at service to bottlers in other their goods from the same suppliers. Up to now there are nine cooperation agreements with countries inside and outside the EU. In 1996, the SGF was for the time being given central European control responsibility for suppliers all over the world by the EQCS.
Thus SGF/IRMA controls the raw material supplies for more than 75% of all potential customers in Europe and plays a central role in the European concert of industrial self-control.
Benefits from an Active System Participation
Besides the fact that any company is benefiting from a problem-free market and fair competition, there are number of additional advantages connected with the participation in the control system
More safety when purchasing from SGF/IRMA controlled raw material suppliers,
Feedback on supplemental analytical SGF controls of finished products and raw materials used,
Direct access to know-how and service of the SGF via “Hotline”
Cost reduction for own analytical inward controls when purchasing from SGF/IRMA controlled suppliers,
Newsletter service with early warning information on market problems,
More safety with own products and thus gaining of customer confidence,
Advertising possibilities using the SGF certificate for approved participating companies and Inclusion in the list of approved participants in the control system which is being distributed among customers.
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